Design Brief
A mismatch between the expectations regarding holidays on motor yachts and reality exists. The area’s visited  are much closer than the area’s dreamt of: Poole instead of the Hardanger Fjord, Isle of Wight instead of Ille de Re, Lowestoft instead of the Swedish archipelago. What are the reasons: lack of seaworthiness of crew and ship; fuel cost; feeling of insecurity (vulnerable hull and screws, deteriorating weather with seastate related chances of seasickness, finding a sheltered berth). The characteristics that make a motor yacht more suitable for long range holidays are: high level of seaworthiness, high level of safety, comfortable and economic cruise at a relatively high speed, shallow draft, self reliance.
The motor yacht should be optimised in size for maximum comfort and favourable handling characteristics for a couple with basic accommodation for two passengers (typically children). The positive experience of being at sea or surrounded by nature should not be disturbed by the yacht.
The motor yacht is not for showing of. If forced to make a fashion statement, it is of ‘form follows function’, ‘less is more’ and ‘light weight’. The yacht must be an example of Dutch quality and careful engineering.